Monday, September 7, 2009

Knoebel's Grove

The ferris wheel was great fun. The pink car that you see in the distance was occupied by my Pappy, Owl, and Doop. Sorry about my lovely finger there on the right. The best part was that my husband mixed the paint that painted this particular ferris wheel at the beginning of the season.
Mimi and Bella dance and clap to an Elvis medly being played on one of the stages.
J, my niece who is six weeks younger than Doop, got charged as an adult ticket because she was two inches taller than the limit for a children's ticket.  Doop was upset that he couldn't go on the round-up with her. Could it be because he's...

J and Doop go up, up, & away on the paradrop.

J and Doop pre-launch.

Of course, there is always time for tea.

From the pavilion where we ate, the kids had a perfect view of this ride. They were chomping at the bit to get on it. They were extremely disappointed once they got to ride it. It wasn't nearly as fun as it looked.

Loading the much anticipated "rockin' tug".

The wrath of the skloosh! These kids were soaked! The best part is that we had convinced them that they had to stand on the bridge while the next one came through.

Watching the skloosh to see if they wanted to ride it.

Flying high on the swings...I was VERY upset with this ride. It's all cute and fine until it starts going up in the air. The center of the swing is covered in drawings of naked anatomically correct women!

The cousins. These two are way too cute. I loved every minute with them!


My darlings!
Sorry I was so short. I have a ton of pictures to post later.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Wedding Day

Allen's mom took these pictures. I hope that you enjoy them. She has an amazing eye.
This is our "reception" table. Talana (Allen's sister), Linda (Owl's mom), and I worked diligently to decorate the church. It looked beautiful, and the pictures could never to it justice.Here we are: a newly formed family. Isn't it amazing how GOD can put the pieces of our lives together in ways that are beyond our wildest dreams.
I'm crying just looking at this. When Owl and I first became friends I remember his counsel, "If you wait for the man GOD has for you everything will be perfect, and on your wedding day the feeling that you feel will be indescribable.

This is princess Squid. She insisted that it was her wedding day.

My lovely grammie. This woman is AMAZING! Sometimes it takes us a long time to realize how amazing certain people are, and this lady is one that few words can describe. I'm so glad that grammies are FOREVER!

Muh-yi-yuh!!! My sister Mariah did my hair for the wedding. She did a fabulous job!!

Here we are on our special day as husband and wife. I married my best friend!! GOD IS GOOD!