Friday, November 20, 2009

Insanity: They Get It From Their Mama

The house is quiet. Owl and Doop have left for the day, and Bella is sleeping soundly in her crib. She is undoubtedly on her tummy with her legs curled under her and her bottom in the air. Squid is curled up on my lap and we whisper little secrets as I run my fingers through her hair. Her smile makes my heart melt, and her whispering giggles remind me of carefree childhood days. The way the morning light dances in the dark brown of her eyes touches me so deeply that I squeeze her a little more tightly. She continues to whisper her secrets to me, and I giggle. The only thing that is better than being a mommy is knowing that you are your child's best friend. It's even better when they tell you that you are their best-est best-est ever.
Squid begins a pantomime with her hands. They're running and hopping on each other, and she informs me that her hands are spiders. Her left hand is the brother. He is mischevious and always picks on the perfect and innocent sister who is played by her right hand. I asked her what their names were. The brother is Leeky, and the sister is Yoko. They play together all day, and they tell her stories when it's time to go to bed. Leeky likes to jump on Yoko, and Yoko gets upset because it hurts her. Leeky does other mean things like tickle his sister until she screams, and he hides from her when she wants to play. He likes to play tricks, and sometimes Yoko beats him to the punch. She's such a smart little spider!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Perils of the Potty

My two older children were distinctively opposite when it became time to break them from their diapers and introduce them to the potty. Squid was not even two, and she decided of her own free will that diapers were gross. She used the potty. The rest was history. Doop on the other hand was scared to death of the toilet, and nothing that I did could dissuade him from his theatrical attempts to steer clear of my mission. He was not about to even try, and he made it clear to the world. He was just over three when he finally bit the bullet and gave me a break from his nasty diaper drama. I still believe that his fear of his sister using the toilet before him trumped his fear of drowning in the abyss of toilet water. Had Squid not come along...well, it pains me to know what may have happened!

Now, it's Bella's turn. She's 21 months old, and the proud owner of her very own potty. She falls somewhere in the middle. I can get her to sit on the potty as long as she can watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but we've had little success so far. Last night a few of the girls from church came over to make an instructional sign language video for our Christmas pageant. Bella was lying on the floor sprawled out on her belly looking at a book. I saw her back arch, her buttocks lift from the ground, and then I heard the unmistakable grunt of a poop in progress. My detective skills were correct, and I ushered her to the bathroom where she screamed bloody murder. With my friends' nod of approval I brought the small potty to the living room where Bella sat for sometime. I turned my head to the right to say something just in time for Bella to jump from her seat, run to the side of the potty, and poop 6 inches from the seat and 2 inches from my foot. I guess I just don't understand that appeal of standing to poop in comparison to sitting.

After I cleaned up the mess, she sat on the potty for quite a while. I've learned that content potty sitting is fruitless potty sitting. Hopefully it will get a little better, a little less messy, and a lot less expensive in the diaper department. Until then, I'm stocking up on extra thick wipes, and rubbing alcohol to be certain that the poop at least loses the germ battle. So to you, diapers of the universe, your time here is limited. Be prepared.