Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rambling Along

There is something amazing about watching my children sleep. Curled up in a ball with tiny, soft fists they resemble the very first moment that I ever peered upon their pink, angelic faces. Rolling to her back, with her knees still seemingly attached to her chest Bella stretches. Thrusting her legs out quickly and pulling them back toward her chest to continue sleep, I'm transported to the day of Doop's birth. I thought certain that he was going to fling himself over the edge of the hospital basinette. Certainly anything so small but so insanely strong would be capable of such a slip-up.
Squid sleeps with a head full of curlers. She sprawls out on her belly as if she can't possibly claim enough of the bed as her own. When trying to snuggle with her, you soon learn that snuggling ends when it meets sleep, and upon that precious final moment you're left fending for yourself. Every square inch of the fluffy mattress, every minute corner of the blankets, and your personal well being are all held captive by this spinning, flailing, restless little girl.
Doop on the other hand sleeps like he's in a fox hole. You could put him in a room equal to the size of his body, and he'd probably only take up 1/4 of it while sleeping. He bunkers down under a pile of blankets that leave him hidden to a panicking mommy who dares to peek in on her sleeping children. If it weren't for the small rise and fall of his chest I'd have trouble believing that life exists on the sleeping Doopy planet.
I was excited this morning to grab hold of my corner of the World Wide Web to check by pregnancy calendar. Today we are 20 weeks. We have reach the half-way point of our journey, and I already know much about this sleeping child. S/he rarely moves, but when the mood strikes I will undoubtedly be rocked to my core. I anticipated the nights where I plead for sleep to come and rescue me while I nurse my little wrinkled face babe into a deep slumber.
GOD has blessed me with four beautiful babies. I have been a mother for over seven years. I am almost unable to recall what life was like before everything that I did had to be done in triplicate, and you know what? I wouldn't trade it for all the peaceful slumbers in the world.