Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mama Mission: I'm Bored!

Christmas vacation is approaching rapidly, and despite new toys and games there are two words that you just might hear.  They are words that most parents dread, and when we're busy these words can be torturous! I know you've heard these words, some of us more often than others.

"I'm BORED!"

So, what do you do?  What exactly is a mom to do when she is elbow deep in wrapping paper, cookies, and holiday agendas and her little cherub is standing hands-on-hips whining?  Well, that is up to you, but I have an idea that might help you get through it a little bit easier.  In order to complete this Mama Mission you will need a large container, construction paper, scissors, and a marker.

We will be making a BORED JAR!  Simply put, it's a container full of strips of paper that are covered in ideas that will keep your littles busy.  Most of the ideas don't cost any money, and most of them are things that your kiddos can complete on their own or with minimal supervision.

Start by cutting the strips of paper into strips.  Write one idea on each slip of paper.  Fold the paper.  Place the paper in the bored jar.  Wait until your child says the magic words, "I'm bored!"  Direct your child to the BORED JAR where they will choose a slip and complete the activity.  Easy right?  Piece "uh" cake!

So, in no particular order, here is my gigantic list of 106 bored jar tasks!

1. Have a Lemonade Stand
2. Match Socks (only if you're a horrible mother like me who always has a pile that isn't matched ;) )
3. Eat a Piece of Fruit
4. Bake Brownies
5. Journal  (if your child isn't writing then can draw a photo of what they want to write about, and then you can write in the words when they're done.)
6. Play Dirt Detective (Basically, my kids take magic erasers and see who can find the most fingerprints on the walls.)
7. Paint Your Nails
8. Exercise
9. Play Hide & Seek
10. Simon Says

11. Scrapbook
12. Jump Rope
13. Art Project
14. Sweep The Porch
15. Make Homemade Playdough  (recipe coming soon!!)
16. Plan Dinner With Mom
17. Watch a Movie with Popcorn
18. Interview Family Members
19. Eat Ice Cream
20. Water The Plants

21. Make Cookies
22. Search & Destroy Cobwebs
23. Look at Photos
24. RAK  (this stands for Random Act of Kindness...You'll see this several times in our jar)
25. Puzzles
26. Wash Door Knobs
27. Make Sock Puppets (This is what happens to the hopeless socks from our sock basket)
28. Create a Cheer
29. Study
30. Write A Story

31. Bubbles
32. Obstacle Course
33. Walk
24. Playdough
25. RAK
26. Craft
27. Park
28. Make up/Face Painting
29. Clean a Toilet
30. Board Games

31. Take Pics
32. Turn Off All Of The Lights in Empty Rooms
33. Dance Party
34. One Chore of Mom's Choice
35. Red Light Green Light
36. RAK
37. Scratch Dad's Back (don't tell him that you drew it from the board jar LOL)
38. Eat a Veggie
39. Picnic
40. Make Pudding

41. Play with Blocks
42. Write a Letter
43. Design & Draw an Outfit
44. Chore of Mom's Choice
45. RAK
46. Ooblek  (recipe coming soon!!)
47. Hopscotch
48. Count Change
49. Take A Nap
50. Dirt Detective

51. Quiet Time
52. Call Daddy At Work
53. 1 Chore of Mom's Choice
54. Geo Cache
55. Science Experiment
56. Clean a Toilet
57. Play Nail Salon
58. Plan a Family Activity
59. Dance Party
60. Invite A Friend Over

61. Side Walk Chalk
62. 1 Chore of Mom's Choice
63. Wipe Bathroom Sink & Counter
64. Take Out Trash
65. Draw A Family Portrait
66. Draw A Self Portrait
67. Paint
68. Write About Yourself As A Grown Up
69. 1 Chore of Mom's Choice
70. Tea Party

71. Sweep One Room
72. No Bake Cookies (Recipe Coming Soon!!)
73. 15 Minutes of Reading
74. Dust
75. String Beads
76. 30 Minutes of Video Games
77. Sledding
78. Pull Weeds
79. Sprinkler
80. Play Dress Up

81. Donate 5 Toys/Items
82. Ride Bike
83. Ride Scooter
84. Swim
85. Color
86. Make Decorations For Upcoming Holiday
87. Mini Olympics
88. Hokey Pokey
89. Spin in Circles
90. 1 Chore of Mom's Choice

91. Tell A Story
92. Roll Down A Hill
93. Pick A Bouquet
94. Organize Your Toys
95. Bake Cookies
96. Karaoke
97. Plant Seeds
98. Record a Skit
99. Build a Fort
100. Super Model Photos

101. Water Play
102. Sand Play
103. Clean Your Room
104. Funny Face Photos (one kiddo take pics of family members making funny faces and then we upload them on the computer and vote for our favorites)
105. Prep Veggies For Dinner
106. Come Up With A New Idea For The BORED JAR

Have fun! Please share your unique ideas to add to the jar, and let me know what you think of this idea. I hope that you enjoy it.

Be Encouraged!